Mum horrified after discovering terrifying headless photos in walls of new house


A woman who moved into a new house was left freaked out after she discovered a hidden room – but what she found within the walls was creepier.

Kam Mee documented the process on TikTok, where concerned viewers warned her that the previous owners probably boarded up the room for a reason.

In a video that has been racked up almost three million views, Kam filmed her husband removing a panel from the wall in her new home.

But hidden within the walls that separated the additional room were a series of black and white photos all with markings on the back, as well as handwritten letters.

She said: “So this is when my husband and I found a room inside of our house.

“You can see there are so many different layers of wallpaper.

“We also found a couple of pictures and an old ASB card. The ASB card is for a school that no longer exists.”

One of the pictures saw a man, maybe in his late 50’s, holding a large fish in one hand and a fishing rod in the other.

But another showed a little boy in a go-kart with what appears to be a headless man next to him, which Kam said was caused by the exposure of the picture.

She also read out a cryptic note written on the back of the picture, saying: “Remember this creepy one? I don’t know if this is a bleed or what it is, but take a look at the back: ‘How to eliminate that annoying glare when one wears glasses’.”

They also found an old Christmas gift from the “ex-owner” of the house.

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 160,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One person said: “What is it with Americans and secret rooms…?”

Another wrote: “They closed it for a reason.”

A third commented: “Oh hell no that’s so scary.”

Whilst someone else pointed out that there were loads of “orbs coming out” of the wall where Kam’s husband made the hole.

“Say it with me now ‘The Conjuring,'” wrote another viewer.