Woman shamed for saying she’ll dump fiancé if he doesn’t shave beard for wedding


A woman has been labelled a “bridezilla” online for the cruel ultimatum she gave her fiancé.

Sharing her story anonymously, she explained that her partner has been growing his beard since March.

But with their big day approaching, she told him that he should shave, as she feels like the “pictures will not be as classy and nice,” if he leaves it as it is.

Posting on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, she said: “I’ve been with my fiancé for over three years.

“We have been engaged for one of those years. Our wedding is set for September 6.

“My fiancé has been growing a beard ever since like March or so.

“I haven’t thought anything of it since I’ve seen him with a beard plenty of times before.”

But when she jokingly asked him whether he’d get rid of it, and he refused, things turned sour.

The bride added: “He said ‘Um I was going to leave my beard for the wedding’.

“I gave him a pretty gross look and said ‘no you are not. That is not acceptable. I will not have that’.

“He got mad that I was telling him what to do and said that I can’t tell him what to do with his grooming preferences.”

But she said because it’s her wedding, she has a right to tell him how he should look – which only made things more heated.

She went on: “I said that I would cancel our wedding if he doesn’t shave.

“He didn’t budge. He ended up getting really mad by that comment and left shortly after.”

Since then, the woman says they’ve barely spoken.

After sharing her story online, the majority of Reddit users said she was in the wrong, and took her husband-to-be’s side.

One person said: “If you really don’t want him to have a beard for your wedding, you should have talked about it in a respectful way, not demanding. And THEN doubling down on your rudeness by threatening to cancel the wedding! Outrageous! If this is what your conflict resolution looks like in general, then he should run away from you as fast as he can. This marriage will not last!

“How can you think it’s okay to demand that he shave his beard because it’s ‘your day’.

“You can’t have a wedding without a groom, so it’s his day too.

“You’ve bought into the whole ‘Bridezilla Culture’, my dear. You need to apologize to him! And then ask him if both of you can talk about this calmly and rationally. And ‘just because I want it’ is not a good enough reason! Good luck to you both. You’re gonna need it if this marriage is gonna work. Couples therapy should be strongly considered.”

Another wrote: “He is the guy you said yes to—beard and all. How would you feel if he said he won’t marry you unless you lose 20 pounds before the wedding?!”

Whilst a third commented: “Short answer yes. You are the …….! Talk about over-entitled. Wow.”