Woman orders chips and salsa and can’t stop laughing when her food is served


What would you expect to be served if you ordered chips and salsa at a restaurant?

Tortilla chips and a tomato salsa dip, right?!

This is what TikTok user Kacie Burns thought she had ordered while dining out in Italy, but when her food arrived she got a bit of a shock.

Kacie moved to Italy from America and often documents the big cultural differences she comes across in her everyday life.

In one of her recent videos on the social media platform, she explained that it’s “rare” to find chips and salsa on menus in Italy, so when she spotted it on a night out, she couldn’t resist.

She said: “I live in Italy. I went to a restaurant the other day and say ‘chips and salsa’ on the menu, which is rare to find in Italy.

“I was SO EXCITED to eat chips and salsa.”

The clip then cuts to a stock photo of a tortilla chip being dipped into a bowl of salsa, as she confirms this is what she wanted.

Kacie then shows that what she got wasn’t even close.

The restaurant served her a bowl of crisps and two sachets of Heinz sauces – tomato ketchup and mayonnaise.

She captioned her video, writing: “An equal mix of hilarious and disappointing.”

It has since gone viral, being watched over 6.5 million times and garnering more than 758,000 likes.

Many people also took the time to comment, with one saying: “I’m 95% sure this is what pizza lunchables feels like to Italians.”

Another user replied: “This story seriously kills me.”

“I don’t understand why it was on the menu in the first place,” proclaimed a third.

Someone else posted: “Salsa translated to Italian just means sauce, so that’s probably why.”

A different user added: “I mean…TECHNICALLY it is chips and ‘salsa’…”