Someone is gauging support for a Bears move to Arlington Heights with a survey


Some think the Bears are purchasing land on which a new stadium could be built in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights for leverage purposes. Other think the Bears are serious about moving.

A new survey suggests that someone is serious about the Bears moving.

Via the Arlington Heights Daily Herald, an unknown party is conducting a telephone survey gauging interest in the potential relocation. A Daily Herald received the call on Friday; it consisted of four questions. The questions seek information about age range, gender, favorite NFL team, and whether the recipient of the call would support the Bears moving to Arlington Park in Arlington Heights.

Per the report, the call starts with an explanation that the Bears have made a bid to buy Arlington Park. The call ends with, “Go Bears!”

Churchill Downs in Kentucky owns Arlington Park. Per the report, Churchill Downs claims that it has received “strong proposals from numerous parties” in advance of Tuesday’s deadline for submitting them.

With the economics of NFL stadium operation changing dramatically — especially with the proliferation of legalized gambling — it makes more sense than ever to have a stadium built and configured to maximize attendance and the ability of attendees to place a broad selection of in-game wagers, all game long.